The museum of Temirtau city organized the intellectual club “Labyrinth of History” in the year of the Golden Horde’s 750th anniversary.

The formation of the club’s composition began on the basis of submitted applications from educational institutions in Temirtau since January 2020.

The club launchedfirst of 6 games on the topic: “The formation of Kazakh statehood during the Golden Horde and at the present stage” on February 18, 2020.Teams of the schools № 6, 7 and FTCL participatedin this game.

The game was held in 4 rounds. The first round was conducted in test form, on the topic: “Historical events of the Golden Horde period”. The second round was held in the form of an encyclopedic blitz-survey on knowledge of the historical figures of the Golden Horde. The third round contained questions about the material and spiritual culture, traditions and customs of the Kazakh people using ethnographic stock items. In the final round, the participants conducted an intellectual assault on the topic: money circulation in the Golden Horde’s era. Old coins from the numismatic collection of the museum helped to cope with this task.

Modern technical design was usedduring the game. The intellectual battle caused a storm of emotions. According to the results of the game, the teams from the First Temirtau Classical Lyceum and secondary school No. 7 went to the next round.

Ahead of the participants is the qualifying and then the final round which will end in early April 2020. The winner will become the owner of the Temirtau Museum’s Cup and will be determined according to the results of a game.


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