The event “Аnа-jer аnа” was held on Febriary 28, 2020. “Аnа-jer аnа” devoted to the Thanksgiving Day and the 25th anniversary of the Kazakhstan people’s Assembly.

The event was held in two locations. Participants got acquainted with the exposition "Wheel of Fate". One of the facets of the formation of the multi-ethnicity of Temirtau is symbolically presented here. The central part of the exposition is seven figures in national costumes as a symbol of friendship and brotherhood. In a round dance representatives of numerous diasporas dance under a common large shanyrak, firmly held by a support standing on a wheel. The wheel is a symbol of the historical path - the road that brought people of different nationalities under a single shanyrak. There are exhibits that clearly demonstrate the material culture of representatives of different nationalities, archival documents confirming statistics on the formation of the national composition of the city's population.

The participants got acquainted with materials on the deportation of peoples in the 30-40s of the 20th century to Kazakhstan in the Temirtau city history’s Hall. Starting from 1937 - the first wave of deportation of the Korean population and ending in 1944 with the exile of Chechens and Ingush. The presentation uses fragments from the films “Algeria”, “Faith”, “Promised Land”.


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