An interactive educational game was launched to the Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day on April 22,2021 Ethnographic quest”.

The task of the quest is with the help of the guide to go through the locations and after completing to collect “Shanyrak”. The guide is in the chest with the key hanging on it. To open the lock, you need to make a word from the letters corresponding to the names of the numbers.

Participants pass 6 locations and must:

  • find the source material of what the exhibit is made and indicate which culture it belongs to;
  • guess musical instruments by their sounds;
  • find exhibits by numbering, and guess the crossword puzzle;
  • compare the primitive forms of money in accordance with the countries to which they belong;
  • cook national dishes: Kazakh beshbarmak, Uzbek pilaf, Tatar chak-chak;
  • sightseers, in order to read a letter from the past in a mirror image, must find a mirror hidden in the sandbox. After reading the letter, they must arrange the national dress in accordance with the culture.

The participants of the quest were pupils of the 5th “A” class of the Middle School No. 6.


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