Тhe Exhibit of the Month project. Еxposition «Stabilizing Parachute». 

The opening  of exposition Stabilizing Parachute  was held online in the museum, as part of the Exhibit of the Month project on April 11, 2022. After the landmark flight of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in 1961, thousands of boys and girls lit up with the dream of the sky. Since the 1930s, 6 flying clubs have been operating in Kazakhstan, where future pilots were trained. Now, parachuting sections began to enjoy special interest, where even schoolchildren could practice. Temirtau city also had its own skydivers.

A witness of those events is the stabilizing parachute on display. It was part of the landing parachute D-3 series 6. The exhibit was donated to the museum by a resident of Temirtau сity- Zakharchenko Dmitry Nikolaevich.

Dmitry Nikolayevich, while serving in the airborne troops, received the title of parachuting instructor. After demobilization, he had the idea of ​​creating a section of his favorite sport in Temirtau city. This idea was supported by various organizations of the city.

The Young Paratroopers Club began its work in 1962. Boys and girls from 14 years of age and older could join the ranks of members. According to the charter of the club, teenagers had to not only diligently study in the club, but also study well at school, not violate discipline.

Classes in the club were not the easiest: physical, drill and shooting training, training in a radio amateur circle. The teenagers spent the summer outside the city in a military sports camp. And, of course, the obligatory study of the structure of the parachute and the development of the jump technique. Those who successfully completed the entire training course got the opportunity to jump from the plane of the Karaganda flying club.

The club of young paratroopers worked until the 90s of the XX century. Most of its members received ranks in parachuting, some became paratroopers, and someone devoted his whole life to the sky, becoming a pilot.

The opening of the exposition was broadcast live on social networks. The exposition will run for a month.


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