On 13 March, 2018 the approbation of the quest "Secrets of a new day" was held in the Local history Museum of Temirtau city.

This quest is devoted to the holiday Nauryz. The quest is conducted in five halls of the museum. Participants of the quest had to cover a symbolic table, open a chest, get a card and according to the map move in the main locations. They collected the cosmogonic ornament , studied the sundial in the yurt, passed six test steps responding to questions, prepared a national dish, unraveled the cipher and played in the asyk.

Each task is associated with a museum exhibit and only the correct decision, allowed to touch the ancient artifacts. As a result, the participants of  the quest  covered the symbolic table , collecting all seven items. Participants of the quest were students of the fourth grade of the 24th school.

The format of the thematic game quest allowed them, using their knowledge, complete  tasks and pass it successfully. The quest will act for two weeks.


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