1. The main activities of the Museum are: the studing of nature, processes of economic, political and cultural development of the city from antiquity to the present time.
  2. The goals of the Museum are:

-Ensuring the preservation, accounting, recruitment and restoration of historical and cultural values;

-Promotion of achievements of historical science and local history, kazakh folk art and material culture, life, traditions of all peoples inhabiting the territory of the region;

Creating a sense of Kazakhstan patriotism, the aesthetic and moral education of the younger generation and the entire population through the propagation of historical knowledge and local history;

-Interaction with national cultural centers, promotion of mutual enrichment of national cultures in the region;

-Participation in international cultural events, actions.

  1. The Museum carries out different activities to realize the set goal:

- Organization of historical and ethnographic expeditions, reconnaissance, scientific missions for the creation of a fund;

- Identification and studying of materials stored in state archival institutions, libraries, private collections and in the funds of other museums;

- Procurement of rare historical and ethnographic materials among the population;

- Creating a collection among participants of historical events, veterans at the enterprises, establishments, educational institutions;

- Planning and formation of stationary expositions and traveling exhibitions;

- Carrying out mass scientific and educational work on the basis of stationary expositions, thematic exhibitions and fund collections;

- Carrying out of survey and thematic excursions on stationary and mobile exhibitions;

- Advice on  local history, methodological and practical assistance to state and public museums;

- Organization of history lessons and circle work for school children;

- Promotion of life and activities of the older generation;

- Holding days of specialized services for schoolchildren;

-Creation and publication of guides to museum halls and historical sites, catalogs, local history calendars on anniversary dates, reports of expeditions, information materials, programs of work with schools and universities;

- Organization of museum research for students of historical faculties;

-Identification and generalization of the experience of museum work;

-Contracting with state and public organizations, creative unions, military, commercial structures and others, for museum services.


101404, Karaganda region
city of Temirtau, Metallurgov Avenue 28/4

phone: +7 (7213) 93-19-05
+7 747 185 58 02

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Opening hours

Monday- Saturday

From 9 am-18 pm

Saturday from 10am-18pm

Sunday - day off