arheologia1To exposures of a hall there is a story about an origin and development of the person, according to the theory of Darwin. Instruments of labor and hunting of ancient people, ceramics and its fragments, remains of ancient animals, – all this is the material proofs which doesn't suffice to the historian in a class in case of study of the appropriate subjects of school course. Some diopamas clearly demonstrate a pattern of life of primitive people during the prehistoric period of an era of the Paleolith and the Neolithic era – fire kindling, hunting for a mammoth, dwelling construction. And copies of petroglyphs (rock paintings), a type of a burial ground of Andronovsky culture, household items of people of an era of bronze become historical examples of ancient life in the territory of Kazakhstan.

Scope of the tours conducted in the Archeology hall:

  1. "Archeology – science about the historical past of mankind"
  2. "Day of the cave boy"
  3. "Secret of archaeological subjects" - for children with limited opportunities.
  4. "In the wake of the ancient person" - exit excursion.
  5. "Antiquity petroglyphs" - for children with limited opportunities.
  6. "Anthropology"



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