Our city from the moment of the creation to these days became reflection of history of all Kazakhstan: policy of resettlement, revolution, industrialization, years of repressions, Patriotic war, Komsomol buildings, stagnation era, modern problems of crime, drug addiction, AIDS, market economy … In the history of Temirtau there are a lot of white spots – specialimmigrants, camp, revolt of 1959 – about these events not always is told by modern textbooks, about them you will hear the story within the walls of a museum.

Scope of the tours conducted in "the City History" hall:
1 . "Temirtau – the past, real, future"
2 . "History of the city of Temirtau through an interactive to new knowledge"
3 . "The settlement Samarkand and the city of Temirtau in the years of Stalin repressions"
4 . "Revolt of the disappointed hopes" (events of 1959 in Temirtau)
5 . "Travel around the city. The live Temirtau card" - an exit sightseeing tour.
6 . "The Kazakhstan Magnitogorsk – shock Komsomol building of the country"
7 . "Temirtau on a way of industrial construction"
8 . "History of the Kazakhstan Magnitogorsk"
9 . "At sources of big metal …"


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