numizmatika1The collection placed in a hall totals more than 1500 exhibits. Here coins and paper money of the different countries and eras are provided. This hall not simply a collection of bank notes, is a view of mankind history from the special point of view. All historically important events found the reflection not only in development of society, changes in its culture, but also in such concept, daily for us, as money. The history of money from shells of a cowry and to euro is a history of mankind from a subsistence economy to the modern civilization.

numizmatika2The special place in exposure is taken by the section on the Kazakhstan currency – tenge. As well as who created this bank note, whose names we can read on its turns and what level of protection of the Kazakhstan money – it is possible to learn about all this, having visited a hall of numismatics. Excursions in this hall can be visited not only as support of study of courses of history and economy, but also as commemoration of Day of national currency of Kazakhstan, memorable for our state, – on November 15. 


Scope of the tours conducted in the Numismatics hall:

  1. "Numismatics – science about coins"
  2. "Tenge character of independence of Kazakhstan"
  3. "About what tell coins"
  4. "From ancient chekan up to now"
  5. "History of a banking system in Temirtau"


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