Popularity of the hall speaks not only the interesting and available excursion telling about an animal and flora of the Central Kazakhstan but also how the hall is effectively issued. Pupils will be able to see dioramas "Sara - the Arch", "The Samarkand water reservoir" and "Winter", and that the most important, personally to see effigies of birds and animals, an exceptional etymological collection and a herbarium. All this will create necessary support to the teacher for study of the nature of Kazakhstan and, in particular, our region. And the section "Conservation" will touch on an issue of extinction of some birds actual now and animals of Kazakhstan.

Scope of the tours conducted in the Nature of the Native Land hall:

  1. "Nature of the native land"
  2. "Bird's twitter"
  3. "Reserved zones of Kazakhstan"
  4. "Environmental protection"
  5. "Day of birds"


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