edinstvo3Exposure of the hall envelops the most wide range of historical subjects: life and culture of the Kazakh people, their stranding with cultures of other people of multinational Kazakhstan. It will be interesting to children of any age to learn about the yurta device, its furniture, assignment of household goods. With each of sections – national suits, jewelry, hunting and military equipment of Kazakhs, music instruments, connected certain traditions and customs.
edinstvo5About them it is possible to hear both in the generalized excursion "Ethnography", and in separate lectures on each section.

The special section of the hall is devoted to Temirtau, as to the city multinational. Study of culture, traditions of the people living in our city in Kazakhstan – a basis of peaceful existence of all country. It is the main idea of the lecture "Unity of the People of Kazakhstan".



Scope of the tours conducted in the Unity of the People of Kazakhstan hall: 

  1. "Culture and life of the Kazakh people"
  2. "Sh_ldekhana. Birth holiday"
  3. "Traditions of musical culture"
  4. "Day of an asyk"
  5. "A Nauryz of that in the museum"
  6. "The material culture of the Kazakh people" for children with limited opportunities.
  7. "Unity of the people of Kazakhstan"
  8. "A ritualism in a national suit"
  9. "Ah, these weddings"
  10. "Traditions of hospitality"
  11. "Ornament sacral sense"
  12. "Trunk of national toys"

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