The touch-exposition “Tangible Economy” was opened in the museum and timed to the 30th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic Kazakhstan’s Independence on April 5, 2021, at 12.00 o'clock.

The exposition consists of six sections each of which tells about young enterprises in Temirtau city, founded during the years of Kazakhstan's independence: LLP “Universalstroy Temirtau”,

LLP “KMC Profile”, LLP “Trading Network VAVILON”, LLP “Vodokanalstroy”, LLP “ART- ceiling”.

Informational stands are framed with monumental ribbons with the logo of the 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan's Independence. The technical design of the exposition provides for its mobility- the ability to move and supplement sections.

The peculiarity of the exposition is the opportunity to study the economy of the city not through an excursion, but with the help of the sense of touch.

A container with a hole is placed in each section and tells about the enterprise. A sample of the company's products is situated inside the container. Visitors should stick their hand through the hole and tactilely examine the object inside and then open the container and see with their own eyes the products that are produced in our city.

Pupils of Temirtau schools became the first visitors of the exposition. They liked the unusual form of learning about economics offered by the museum. They not only saw the products manufactured in Temirtau city, but also learned about the young enterprises.

The opening of exposition was held in compliance with all the necessary sanitary requirements.


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