The presentation of new book «Conquerors of Metal»- the fourth volume from the museum book series «Stories from the Life of Temirtau city’s residents. Citizens» was held on December 28, 2021. ". Thes book is issued as part of the implementation of the program article «Rukhani Zhagyru».

The new edition «Conquerors of Metal» is devoted to the Temirtau city’s metallurgists, the first steelworkers and distributors who stood at the foundations of the ferrous metallurgy of Kazakhstan.

It was decided to build a metallurgical factory in the Samarkand village (since 1945 – the Temirtau city) with the active assistance of the Kazakh scientist Satpayev K.I in April 1942. Taking into account the fact that the Great Patriotic War was going on, the enterprise was built in the shortest possible time. On December 31, 1944, the Kazakh Metallurgical Factory produced the first Kazakhstan steel.

This event marked not only the birth of ferrous metallurgy in the republic, but also laid the foundations for the emergence of national cadres of metallurgists. Especially, for training in metallurgical professions, during the war years, about 2,000 young men of Kazakh nationality were mobilized, who stood at the first open-hearth furnaces.

The new edition of the museum is devoted to them, the first conquerors of metal.

The book includes unique photos, documentary materials related to the first metallurgists: Heroes of Socialist Labor A. Daribayev, E. Baigaziev, M. Muslimov, A. Zhunusov Hero of Labor, S. Kakenov, Honored Metallurgists of Kazakhstan, M. Ibraev, and many others.

The materials presented in the publication reflect the history of the first ferrous metallurgy enterprise in Kazakhstan - the Kazakh Metallurgical Factory (1944-1996), which later became part of the Karaganda Metallurgical Factory - now ArcelorMittal Temirtau.

To the presentation of the book «Conquerors of Metal» from the series “Stories from the Life of Temirtau city’s residents. Citizens” came veterans of metallurgical production, high school students of the city, city mass media.


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