The opening of interactive exposition «Coming from Childhood» was held and devoted to the Year of Children on January 25, 2022.

The exposition used photos and exhibits from the museum's stock collection, which give an idea of the life of Temirtau citys children in the 50-90s of the twentieth century.

Families (parents with children) from the Center for Development and Social Assistance “My House” were invited to the opening. Each of them was solemnly presented with an emblem, which was specially designed by the museum as a symbol of all events and exhibitions devoted to the Year of Children.

The interactive exposition made it possible not only to visually see different aspects of childhood in the period of the 50-90s of the last century, but also to actively engage in the process of cognition. The guests visited different locations, where they were offered creative tasks:

  • In the location “Children's stories. Temirtau city”, they saw photographs of several generations of Temirtau children, guessed what popular toys were at that time and learned amazing real stories, how children helped the front during the Great Patriotic War, how they gave the Temirtau city a name, how they restored the names of fallen countrymen, raised funds for a tram.
  • In the location “Thing from a children's story” - the world of museum secrets, guessed the title of the book with the help of clues and items from the museum's stock collection.
  • Location - 3D picture “My Yard” immersed the participants in the street childhood of the generations of the 70-80s. They saw the clothes and toys of those years. They learned how to make a “secret” and played their favorite games – “classics”, "rubber".
  • In the “No Adults” section, they saw an installation of a children's room, were able to leave their autographs and contribute to its creation.
  • In the location “Children's Workshop” - children with their parents made real Soviet life hacks - a rag doll, an airplane, a cracker, a paper boat and played bezbord.
  • In the “BOOKHOUSE” location - the guests got acquainted with the stock museum collection of the oldest children's books, many of which are over 60 years old.


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