A personal exhibition «Parent Steppe» by the Pavlodar city’s artist Viktor Polikarpov was opened in the museum and devoted to the Year of Folk Art and Cultural Heritage of the CIS on February 11, 2022.

The unique exhibition «Parent Steppe» was provided by the Representative Office of Russian cooperation in Kazakhstan.

This is a series of etchings for the poetry of Pavel Vasiliev. A poet who was born at the beginning of the 20th century and lived in Kazakhstan. He knew the Kazakh language well. His work became the conductor of Kazakh culture to Russian.

This poetic lyrics is reflected in the pictures of Viktor Polikarpov. They were created in different periods of time, starting from 1987 and for several decades he has been constantly working on new stories.

16 works presented at the exhibition. Each picture carries the semantic load of a poetic work. And the visitors were able not only to see the paintings, but to hear

the poems of Pavel Vasiliev and the dedication to the poet's work, which were read by the representatives of the literary society «Magnet» at the opening of the exhibition, Ivan Eleftiriadi and Olga Vorotynskaya.



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