The opening of exhibition "Episodes", as part of the long-term project "Women in Two Dimensions" was held to the International Women's Day on March 4, 2022.

The exhibition is designed in an open access format - on the facade of the Temirtau city’s Museum.

Here are unique photo documents from the museum's funds, highlighting little-known facts from the life of Temirtau women in the 20th century, the contribution of city dwellers to the development of the city of Temirtau. Previously unpublished photos and unmentioned facts will be made public.

At the exhibition you can see a portrait of Orazbekova Idash - a descendant of Orazbek, the owner of winter camping place in the 19th - 20th centuries in the vicinity of the present Temirtau city; portraits of the first women - teachers of the city Silina Tatiana and Sheluhina Anna; a portrait of Evdokia Lebedeva, a

telegraph operator who was the first to receive news of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War; a portrait of Akhmetova Dariga, the founder and first director of the first Kazakh school in Temirtau, etc.

The first visitors of the exhibition, high school pupils of school No. 24 in Temirtau, not only got acquainted with the exposition, they studied the exhibits from the museum's funds and identified among them those that are directly related to the events and women presented at the exhibition: a telegraph key, a tram key, student notebooks mid-twentieth century, Soviet-made perfumes, ballet suitcase, etc.

The design of the exposition has become a kind of gift to the townspeople and guests of Temirtau city!


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