The museum of Temirtau city opened an offsite interactive platform as part of the Nauryz holiday celebration on March 22, 2022.

The exposition was framed in the city square. These are two interactive dive zones. With the help of unique and rare stock items, fragments of the cultural and spiritual life of our ancestors, their way of life and customs are recreated.

The effect of immersion was achieved through the use of projection photographs depicting a man and a woman in national costumes.

The first zone immerses us in the traditions of nomadic life. For the entourage, a saddle, a harness, a whip, collar, and a stuffed golden eagle were used.

The second zone clearly shows the life of nomadic culture. Household items are located in it - asadal, koby, torsyk, tobacco, keli, mat, baskur, astau, dombra.

In these zones it was possible to take a photo for memory.

The central part of the exhibition presents photographs by Dmitry Rugis from the series “People of Kazakhstan. They depict national traditions that have been preserved and passed down for centuries - golden eagle hunting, kokpar, archery.

The exposition worked for 6 hours. It was visited by more than 5 thousand people.


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