The interactive program "Visiting a Fairy Tale" was launched as part of the Child Year on June 7, 2022.

Participants of the game enter the fairy-tale world with the help of a guide card. They must find the key to the chest, in which the stylus of the Goddess Clio is hidden.

Alibaba- a hero of the Eastern fairy tale  mat them in the first location. To get a bag of gold, children perform several tasks: match the exhibits with drawings from fairy tales, write answers to riddles with the help of a quadriscribe, and guess the music from a fairy tale.

Cunning Aldar Kose  met them in the second location. Children play asyks, become real nomads: they catch birds in accordance with exhibits and guess the characters of fairy tales. Having completed the task, they receive a torsyk, and go to Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga receives a bag and a torsyk. But Aldar, having outwitted everyone, gives an empty torsyk, and the children are looking for a recipe for the life elixir, together with Baba Yaga they are preparing a potion, read the mirror image, find the artifacts in the black box. After that  Baba Yaga returns the key to the chest.  The children safely return to the Goddess Clio with the key, and return the stylus to her.


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