The Museum of Temirtau city tested the city quest "Point X" for the first time on June 9, 2022 at 16:00!

The format of the quest allowed to learn the city’s history easy and interesting and  visit the main historical objects of  the Temirtau city.

The quest consisted of 6 locations situated in the center of the old city. Each location was accompanied by a historical reference. A team of 5 people explored these locations in order to extract parts of the cipher using a mobile phone, Internet access and their own knowledge.

In the first location the participants need to find something in common in the interests of the livestock breeder, collective farmer and akyn. Having found a place, the participants determined the number for the cipher. Then, a map was given in electronic format with location points to study the objects.

In the next location, the participants, by voice recording, determined the historical figure whose monument must be found in the Old City Park. The task was completed and the next part of the cipher was received.

In the Rukhani Zhangyru park, the participants found the KMT-1 (Kirov motor tram) object, using the Google search engine. Another part of the cipher was found on it.

In the old part of the city, the participants found a store that had opened in the 1950s. The participants of the quest determined the number of letters in the name of this store, the sign of which has been preserved since the 1970s.

Near the house-ship, you will have to find out the title of Tair Zharokov's book about Temirtau city, as well as find the number of the first multi-storey building constructed in 1938.

After collecting all the pieces, the team solved a historical example, which helped to find the exact location of the prize.

Employees of the Temirtau city’s  Young Spectator's Theatre  will take part in the start of the quest.


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