Opening of the exhibition "History of Clean Doll" was held online in the museum of Temirtau city in honor of the Children's Day in Kazakhstan, as part of the "Exhibit of the Month" project on June 17, 2022 at 12.00.

This story originates more than half a century ago at the Moscow toy factory "Horizon", when the first batch of walking dolls "Nina" was created. The doll could walk thanks to special mechanism hidden inside the body.

Peskunov Valery Vladimirovich bought one doll in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) and took away it to distant Kazakhstan, Karaganda city as a gift to his beloved goddaughter. The girl grew up and gave her doll to a pioneer camp in the vicinity of the Temirtau city.

The camp "Small Artek" was opened on the right bank of the Samarkand reservoir, thanks to the help of city enterprises in the 80s. 13 pioneer camps accepted thousands of children from all Karaganda region every summer.

Each camp had a special system for maintaining cleanliness. Sanitary control kept order in the "Gull" camp. It usually consisted of a representative from each unit and a medical worker. Every morning, the sanitary control checked the cleanliness of the buildings and the territory. The clean doll was handed over to the winning squad at the ceremonial event. According to tradition, she was sat at the entrance to the building in the most honorable place.

In 1981, the same walking doll "Nina" became a clean doll. During the 3 summer seasons, she moved between units in order to subsequently get into the museum.

The opening of the exposition took place in social networks. The exposition will run for a month.


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