The opening of personal exhibition "Valaam drawings between cases" by  Bude Amanzholov was held in the museum of Temirtau city on July 29, 2022.

This is the first solo exhibition for the artist. And it is symbolic that it takes place in his hometown  Temirtau city.

He lived and worked in Russia for a long time. As a professional designer, he was engaged in the restoration of the Shrines of Russia. His track record includes more than 40 architectural objects that he restored.

 In 2021 Bude Kalykovich returned to his native Temirtau city.

The presented exhibition contained 60 graphic drawings that visually show us the life and culture of the Valaam Monastery. For 14 years, Bude Kalykovich was the head of the restoration work of the Transfiguration Cathedral on the island of Valaam. In the meantime, he creates sketches, sketches, drawings. It is this series of works presented at the exhibition.

One of the sections of the exposition clearly demonstrates the colossal work on the Cathedral restoration, which was done over a 14-year period. Photo-documentary material is presented here, as well as items found during the restoration of the Cathedral: a brick dated 1859; nails that were originally used for the construction of the temple, a wooden detail of the bell-ringer's staircase, fragments of old plaster.

At the opening, the guests saw fragments of video clips from the reports filmed during the restoration work with the participation of Bude Kalykovich.

The exhibition was visited by representatives of the literary association "Magnet" and the city artist’s  club "T-Art".


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