The presentation of historical reconstruction "Zhauyr- otkel wintering in the Zhauyrtau tract" was held in the museum of Temirtau City on September 23, 2022. It was created as part of the National Club of Historical Reconstruction’s activities "Great Civilizations of the Great Steppe",

 The historical reconstruction reproduces a fragment of the wintering of Zhauyr-otkel in the tract of Zhauyrtau, which, in the 19th - early 20th centuries, was located on the territory of the current Samarkand water reservoir, the Temirtau city.

Wintering is reproduced on the basis of historical documents, reports of scientific expeditions led by Gaines A.K., (1865), Shcherbina F.A. (1896) with the participation of A. Bukeikhanov; studies of Kazakh scientists Margulan A.Kh., Zholdasbaev S.Zh., Usmanova E.R. and others, research activities of the Temirtau city’s Museum in the funds of the State Archives of the Kazakhstan Republic, the Central Scientific Library of the Kazakhstan Republic, the Russian State Library (Kazakhstan). St. Petersburg)

Particular attention in the reconstruction’s creation was paid to the conditions for assembling building materials, as close as possible to historically reliable ones. Everything necessary for the restoration of the historical object: clay, reeds, straw, sod bricks was mined in the vicinity of the wintering location, that is, in the same way as our ancestors did.

This is the first presentation that shows a historical residential wintering facility of the original inhabitants of these places, which was practically lost due to the influence of various factors.

Thanks to the done work, you can clearly see the centuries-old material culture, which is the legacy of our ancestors. And, consequently, to modernize and broadcast our past to the younger generation, instilling interest in history, traditions, instilling moral and spiritual qualities in them.

The head of the State Institution "Department of Culture and Development of Languages ​​of Temirtau city" Shakenova A.K., local historian Mұқan Tұңgyshbay Omirtayuly and other members of the National Club of Historical Reconstruction "Great Civilizations of the Great Steppe" highly appreciated the historical reconstruction "Zhauyr wintering - otkel in the Zhauyrtau tract".

           In addition to the reconstruction, the guests of the event: scientists, teachers and students visited the historical immersion zones, where they were able to get acquainted in an interactive way with folk crafts: “Traditional grain processing by hand”, “Practical skills of initial wool processing. Spinning", “The use of natural material for wintering. Fence weaving»,“ The kindling of  samovar,  tea drinking.

The event was attended by more than 70 people, TV channels "Saryarka", TTK, Temirtau print media were present.


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