An alternative lesson "Monopoly" started at the museum of Temirtau  city to the National Currency Day on November 8, 2022.

In the format of an economic game, visitors are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of business, learn about commodity-money relations and market structure, study the forms of investing in IPO, which is consonant with the main directions of the President’s message to the Kazakhstan people.

The format of the game is not complicated - the participants of the game are divided into business groups, perform certain tasks on the stock exchange, earn currency of different time periods - from primitive forms of money to bonds of the USSR. The money earned on the stock exchange is exchanged at the bank at the rate of the national currency - tenge.

          With the money earned in the historical shop, items from the museum's collection are "redeemed". By purchasing this or that product, they can open their own enterprise: a stable, a tavern, a laundry, a sewing workshop.

The strategy of the game is to complete the task with high quality and be the first to invest in a profitable business.

 The first monopolists were Kamila, Daniil and Mansur,  9 grade pupils of school No. 6, who solemnly opened the doors of the Stables.


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