The opening of  «Eyewitness» exposition was held in the museum and  devoted to the 120th anniversary of Gabiden Mustafin on November 11, 2022.
The exposition is based on G. Mustafin's autobiographical novel "The Eyewitness", many pages of which, like other works of the author, cover the history of Central Kazakhstan, the formation of the region's industry.

In fact, these are local lore works written by a person who was born and grew up at the foot of the Zhauyrtau tract - now - the vicinity of the Temirtau city.
The exposition presents documents that tell about the history of the family, photographs from the Mustafin archives, prose publications provided by the Centralized Library System of Temirtau.
The exposition was supplemented by the'  illustrations for G. Mustafin's novel "The Eyewitness". They are made by  Mustafina H.R.- a member of the Designers Union  of the Kazakhstan Republic
Students of the city, representatives of the Centralized Library System of Temirtau, members of the Writers Union of the Karaganda region participated in this opening.


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