The Museum Portal began its work for visitors on December 26, 2022. The museum is a place of movement in time, but on the eve of the New Year holidays, portals to unreality appeared in the halls of the museum.

New unusual photo zones became exits from the portal, in which it became possible to show exhibits that were not in demand in the main expositions.

The Chunga- Changa Island location makes it possible to see animals and vegetation from different continents of the globe in the cold winter, and take a summer photo with them.

In the location "Halt" - a real paradise for tourists. Here, the stock items of tourists of the twentieth century: a tent, a burner, a thermos, hiking sets, high chairs and backpacks immerse you in the atmosphere of “savage” relaxation.

The SUPER STAR location brings you into the atmosphere of bright spotlights and garlands and makes you feel like a real star.

  More than 20 exhibits are presented in the Caravan sarai location, creating the image of an oriental institution.

The Yin-Yang location is a snow-white frozen forest, in which the best sculptures from the funds of the Temirtau Museum became the main objects.

The center of the installation of the "4 Seasons" location was an exhibit from the beginning of the 20th century, demonstrating the four seasons.


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