The opening  exposition «Robottime» took place on January 23, 2023.

 The first mechanical devices that can be called the ancestors of robots were created in the Ancient World (a flying wooden dove, a gesticulating statue, etc.). But the truly outstanding advances in robotics were made in the 20th century. The first robot was designed by self-taught inventor George Devol in 1954 and became an equivalent employee of General Motors in 1961. Today, every museum would be happy to have one of these robots in its collection, but, alas, this is not always realistic. And it is not possible to show them to visitors. We decided to solve this issue in a different way and talked about robotics through the modern achievements of this industry. The leaders, teachers and students of the School of Robotics and Programming RoboClub, operating in Temirtau and Karaganda, helped us in this matter.

 To create the exposition, 7 working models of robots were provided, created on the basis of Ardunio controllers using Lego parts. Each of the presented robots is a participant of republican or international competitions in robotics.

 During the opening of the exposition, the guests got acquainted with the history of robotics, and the students and teachers of the RoboClub school spoke about the development of this industry in the Karaganda region, about their achievements and secrets of craftsmanship, and demonstrated the work of their inventions.


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