The opening of  exposition  "The First Exhibit", was held online  as part of the Exhibit of the Month project and devoted to the 50th anniversary of the museum on January 26, 2023 at 12:00 pm.

For the first time, the idea of creating a city museum was voiced from the pages of the "Temirtau city's worker"- newspaper in the issue of January 25, 1969.  The city received a state award - the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, and the preservation of the history of Temirtau became a matter of honor for the residents in January 1971.

A fateful document was adopted - Resolution No. 54/3 of the Bureau of the City Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan and the Executive Committee of the City Council of Workers' Deputies "On the opening of a history  museum of the Temirtau city" on February 10, 1972.

The new completed building on the 4th microdistrict, which was supposed to become a shopping center, was leased to the City Museum of Local History. The staff consisted of only 3 people: the director Vostrova Tamara Yakovlevna, the guide Shcherbina Lidia Petrovna and the researcher Lyubov Vasilievna Kirillova.

For a whole year, museum staff collected exhibits. City enterprises produced showcases and models for the exposition.

The first exhibit entered the funds on November 28, 1972. On this day, the head of the amateur film studio Matte Nikolai Aleksandrovich and the guide of the local history museum Shcherbina Lidia Petrovna signed the act of acceptance and transfer No. 1 on the permanent use of a copy of the amateur film "Our Magnitka" in 2 parts.

The City Museum  opened  doors to visitors  on November 6, 1973.

The exposition will run for a month.


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