An interactive exploration of the museum space "Tactile Replica" took place in the museum on February 8, 2023 .

 What is a "replica"? A replica is a copy of rare historical samples. Using the replicas of the exhibits, we decided to acquaint the younger generation with the history of our city.

 For the children, 11 subjects were available, which they studied tactilely. Each item reflected a different historical era and is directly related to the inhabitants of the city of Temirtau. For example, a metal mortar told about agriculture at the beginning of the 20th century, a tong and a cauldron about household life, a gramophone conveyed the musical atmosphere of the 40s of the 20th century, and a primus stove told about the life of the builders of Kazakhstan's Magnitogorsk. The children also learned why construction helmets come in different colors, why boots were the most popular footwear for Temirtau women, and why every family dreamed of the Rocket.

 The participants of the "tactile replica" were able to independently launch, assemble, and put into practice each historical object.


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