The “Museum Town” holiday was held on the square in front of the Temirtau city’s Museum on June 13, 2023, .

 For 18 years, the museum has been implementing the author's project "Museum Town". Every year, just one day, during the summer holidays, the museum welcomes the guests of Museum Town. This year we have collected all the best and most interesting things that happened during this period, so we called the holiday "Tandauly" and timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the museum.

The target audience is children of school camps, kindergartens, residents of the city - adults and children who were able to visit 14 interactive locations. Where, with the help of museum exhibits and thematic tasks, they were involved in the historical and cultural environment and were able to                                                          

  • create Құрақ көрпе;
  • draw a self-portrait;
  • play museum twister;
  • make an exclusive bracelet on your hand;
  • participate in sports competitions and national games;
  • become a participant in a theatrical performance;
  • determine tactilely what is in the magic boxes;
  • burn your fears
  • make a cherished wish;
  • buy “antiques” in a junk shop;
  • walk along the city Arbat;
  • have a photo session
  • collect Super Puzzles


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