A creative platform of the ART beau monde "A Star Called the Sun",  was opened in the museum, devoted to the memory of Viktor Tsoi on July 14, 2023,

 The exposition is located in the Exhibition Hall of the museum, where Viktor Tsoi is presented not only as a legendary rock musician, but also as an artist, actor, personality.

 A three-dimensional copy of the monument to Viktor Tsoi, which was installed in Karaganda city is in the central part of the exhibition, . A photographic material is presented about the history of the creation of the sculptural composition "A Star Called the Sun".

 Visitors saw an interesting selection of photographs by Kazakhstani author Edyge Niyazov, who was well acquainted with the St. Petersburg musical underground of the 80s. These pictures were shown to the Temirtau city’s audience for the first time.

 One of the sections of the exposition clearly reveals the personality of Viktor Tsoi as an artist; here are copies of his drawings dated 1988-1990.

 The interactive part of the exposition is the “What if?” space, where visitors fantasized about how the fate of the musician would have been if not for his tragic death, and created their own Tsoi scene.

 Temirtau musical group "Red Heart" of the training center "Talent" performed at the opening. They performed musical compositions by Viktor Tsoi.


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