The interactive museum lesson "Journey to the Constitution" started on September 1, 2023,.

The halls of the museum are stylized in the pages of the opened Constitution, the visitors moving from one location to another, immerse themselves in the history of the formation of «Ата Заң» and consider individual articles:

In section I, General Provisions, it is aimed at studying articles 2 and 9, where, through video and documentary materials, game moments, the guide talks about the unitarity of the state, the President of the country, state symbols of the Kazakhstan Republic.

In section II, Man and Citizen, studying Article 37, which reads “Citizens of the Kazakhstan Republic are obliged to take care of the preservation of historical and cultural heritage”, the visitors follow in the footsteps of the archaeological expedition, visit the sacred places of Saryarka: the Mausoleum of Alash Khan, petroglyphs «Теректы әулие», the archaeological complex of Begazy, etc. .d.

Studying Article 38 - "Citizens of the Kazakhstan Republic are obliged to preserve nature and take care of natural resources."

Visitors become participants in the opening of the autumn-winter hunting season, receive a hunting permit and become real “Kusbegi”.

Article 24 paragraph 1 reads:

“Everyone has the right to freedom of labor, free choice of occupation and profession”, here they met with successful people of Temirtau city.

In Section IV Parliament, the participants of the project, through games, situational issues, get acquainted with the Highest Representative Body of the Republic, which performs legislative functions.

In Section VII Courts and Justice, entering the stylized Courtroom, the tourists immerse themselves in the atmosphere of an open court session and become its participants.


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