The coaching training “Example of the best” started on Labor Day on September 22, 2023 .

To conduct the training, 5 exhibition zones were organized using museum exhibits and rare artifacts, the center of each was portraits of prominent figures in the professions: cook, doctor, builder, metallurgist and military man. For the coaching training, children's size workwear was made in accordance with the professions presented.

Profession: cook. An introduction to the life and work of the French chef, author of the winter salad recipe, Lucien Olivier. While studying the history of the chef's profession, the excursionists learned food preparation skills. Learned the rules for using the chef's uniform. Armed with spoons, they moved the ingredients at speed.

Profession doctor. In the “Medical Clinic” location, the game participants met the personality of the famous scientist, doctor Avicenna. Each coaching participant learned to provide first aid to victims of injuries and bruises.

Metallurgy. We got acquainted with the metallurgist profession through the personality of the eminent steelmaker, Honored Metallurgist of the KazSSR, Honorary Metallurgist of the USSR -Argyn Zhunusov. The excursionists took part in “pioneer melting”, learned about the complexity of obtaining steel and manufacturing finished products - fittings.

Builder profession. The children studied the biography of the famous mason, the first builder of the city, Uken Turmagambetov. Participants immersed themselves in the atmosphere of a construction site, learned the basics of stone laying, and the art of plasterer-painter, painting a certain surface with paint and building a Chinese wall.

Profession military. At the military bridgehead we got acquainted with the biography of the People's Hero of Kazakhstan Bauyrzhan Momyshuly. Based on experience, heroism and courage, we learned combat tactics, practical skills in handling personal protective equipment (gas mask), put on military uniforms, etc.

The first participants in the training were 3rd grade pupils from school No. 10.


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