The opening of exhibition “Looking to the Future” took place, devoted to Labor Day On September 29, 2023.

 The exhibition is devoted to scientists who realized their ideas and boldly looked into the future prosperity of Kazakhstan. We are talking about geologist K.I. Satpaev, hydrologist V.A. Kurdyukov. and statesman Tazhiev I.T., who made a significant contribution to the formation of the Karaganda region and  Temirtau city.

 Thanks to their activities, water and raw material sources were explored for the construction of the Karaganda Metallurgical Plant, and industrial facilities in the city of metallurgists were erected in the shortest possible time during the Great Patriotic War.

 The exhibition presents unique documents: fragments of the working notebook of V.A. Kurdyukov. with notes about the expedition along the river. Nura in the area of the  Samarkand village (since 1945 - Temirtau); reports of Satpayev K.I. with an economic justification for the construction of a metallurgical plant, documents from the personal file of I.T. Tazhiev, who headed the construction of the most important objects of the future Temirtau: KarHES-1, SK plant, Kazakh metallurgical plant.

 The exhibition is supplemented by voluminous exhibits from the museum’s collections, objects typical of the life of explorers of the Kazakh steppes during the years of industrialization: a backpack, theodolite, pickaxe, field tent, mineral samples, etc.

 High school students who are on the verge of choosing their professional activity are invited to the opening of the exhibition. They will have to be inspired by the example of fellow countrymen, try themselves as researchers, and perhaps determine their professional path within the walls of the museum.


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