An intellectual game “Tauelsizdik- tugyrym!” was launched in the brain-ring format,  devoted to the celebration of Independence Day of the  Kazakhstan Republic on December. 15, 2023,
    The game consists of 2 rounds. The players are divided into two teams. In each round, for each correct answer, the team receives 1 point. The number of points is displayed on the scoreboard. The team with the most points becomes the winner of the game.
1st round “Questions and answers”. The players competed in knowledge of the Kazakhstan history, traditions and customs of the Kazakh people.
2nd round “Black box”. Exhibits are hidden in the black box; by answering the leading questions correctly, game participants gain access to the items in the black box. For review, the audience was shown: Onirzhiek, the first banknote issued in Kazakhstan in 1995 with a denomination of 500 tenge, coins of “proof” quality, the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
       As a result of the game, the winner was the team of school №10. The winning team was awarded a diploma and a memorable prize: the author’s book «Орталық Қазақстанның үлкен металының қайнар көзі» of the Temirtau City’s Museum 
Students from Lyceum No. 9 and Secondary School No. 10 in Temirtau- 22 people were invited to host the game.


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