A meeting “Quotes from History” of city school students took place in the format of a round table on the occasion of the 115th anniversary of the Samarkand village on January 31, 2024,

 The exposition background was a block of the city’s history, devoted to the formation and development of the Samarkand village.

 Based on archival documents, historical material from the museum’s funds - excerpts from orders, excerpts from letters of deportees and exiles in the 30-40s of the twentieth century, the round table participants shared their thoughts and were able to reveal the reason for the multinationality of the  Samarkand residents, the stages of resettlement and the magnitude of the number of people who, by the will of fate, ended up on Kazakhstan soil.

  The questions concerned the statute “On the Siberian Kirghiz” of 1822, and the administrative-territorial division, the Stolypin agrarian reform of 1905 and the mass resettlement of peasants from the European part of the Russian Empire, Industrialization in the USSR and the resettlement of dispossessed peasants, special settlers and deportees based on nationality. About the evacuation of entire factories during the Second World War, the mobilization of engineers and technicians for the construction of large facilities in the Samarkand village.

 The round table participants were students from lyceum school No. 9 and secondary school No. 10 in Temirtau city.


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