A grandiose puppet show “Kosh Keldin, Az Nauryz!” started at the private garden “Academy of Little Talents” on March 11, 2024.

 With the help of a guide, the dolls Karashash, Aibatyr and Lan told about the most interesting stories of the origin and celebration of “Nauryz Meiramy”, as well as:

  • -a symbolic dastarkhan was covered;
  • -the traditional dish “Nauryz kozhe was prepared”;
  • -children were introduced to the traditions and customs of “Belkoterer”, “Uyky Ashar”, “Selt etkizer”, “Shashu”, “Bata”;
  • -the “Nauryz Zhumbak” competition, the “Aitys” song competition were held;
  • -could play in national games: “Asyk”, “Arkan Tartys”, “Kol Kurestiru”.

The story was accompanied by a demonstration of ancient artifacts and museum exhibits; the kindergarten students were able to touch them. The tourists tried on national clothes and took a photo as a souvenir. 

The program covers all preschool institutions in Temirtau.


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