A fair of cultural traditions“Bir Shanyrak Astynda” was launched: on the Unity Day of the Kazakhstan people, on April 29, 2024,.

For the fair, 4 locations were prepared - an ethno-town. In each of them, with the help of artifacts and museum exhibits, the material culture, housing and life of the Kazakh, German, Korean and Indian people are presented.

Ethno-hanok: where Sonson-nim taught how to write Korean hieroglyphs, shared the secret of making “pap”, and excursionists learned to eat with chopsticks.

Ethno-Gao: Craftswoman Gita shared her secrets of sewing a sari, and explained what a choli is, where gold embroidery is used, how many outfits an Indian woman should have in her wardrobe, etc.

Ethno-yurt: a ьфыеуr met the excursionists and told them about Kazakh hospitality and revealed the secrets of making kamcha, practiced spinning. She showed real sheep shearing scissors from the beginning of the 20th century and told how to work with them, revealed the secrets of processing wool and how to prepare primary thread.

Ethnofwerk: Gertrude the craftswoman shared the recipe for making strudel. She also revealed the secrets of the zukkertute, shultute, and helped the children make sweet bags.

Students from school No. 10 took part in the fair.


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