23 October , 2018 the opening of the exhibition "Stories in sandals" was held in the museum of Temirtau city within the framework of the project "Museum Associations".

The museum held the city action "The childhood of our grandmothers" during 6 months. As a result, 95 exhibits and many children's stories were collected.

Research work, the result of which was the exposition "Stories in sandals" was carried out and based on the collected material, stock collection.

All collected stories and objects from childhood belong to the time when we were united by a common attribute - sandals. This determined the name of the exposition.

The exposition consists of 3 sections:

  • The first section is devoted to street entertainment for many generations. Visitors were able to remember, and the younger generation to learn what "secrets" are.
  • The second section shows board games purchased in shops and made by hand. In the interactive zone, visitors were able to break their brains over the Snake, Tetrahedron and lay down a paper boat.
  • The third section presents the "Grandma's wardrobe". In childhood, the wardrobe is a favorite place to play hide and seek. But as soon as the children are left alone, it turns into a magical world. In the exposition, the wardrobe is filled with interactive moments and provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in childhood. Visitors can try on mother's outfits, make a photo and also to find in the closet children's "life hacks" - simple objects in the children's interpretation.

A booklet with the memories of the Temirtau city’s inhabitants was released in the course of the collected materials.

Students of the KSIU, residents of the city, city and regional media took part in this event. Guests were able to get acquainted with children's stories, toys, board and street games of different generations during the opening.


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