December 13, 2018 photo gallery “100 new faces of Kazakhstan” was opened in the museum of Temirtau city in the framework of the program “Рухани жаңғыру”.

The project “100 new faces of Kazakhstan” started in 2017. The goals of the project are to promote the ideas of success, competitiveness, pragmatism and the cult of knowledge with examples of specific stories of people who made a significant contribution to the development of Kazakhstan during the years of Independence.

More than 50 candidates were submitted from the Temirtau city to the Republican tour. Among them 11 candidates passed the tour, including athletes, public figures, cultural workers and education. Photographs and personal belongings of famous residents of Temirtau, the project participants Әlіbek Alpysbaev, Aқniet Baltabaeva, Қazybek Elegen, Islam Bozbaev, Jeanne Khasenova, Natalia Skorikova, Svetlana Kharchenko Sergey Uryvaev, Alexey Lomakin, Ivan Georgiadi and Madina Sәlpenova are presented in the exhibition.

The next stage “100 new faces of Kazakhstan” telling about unique stories from the lives of people who contributed to the development of the country and achieved success thanks to hard work, knowledge and talent, started in 2018.

Pupils of  the FTCL attended the opening. They were told what to do to become a candidate and join the list of “100 new faces of Kazakhstan”.

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