21 February, 2019 a new project "Exhibit of the month" was opened in the museum of Temirtau city. Exhibits related to the history of the city, donated by residents and guests of the city, collected in the museum’s funds will be presented in the project. Exhibits will change monthly.

The epic novel “Way of Abai” written by the M.Auezov was presented first. This novel was written in the Kazakh language in 1942, and later was translated into 116 languages of the world.M. Auezov received the USSR Prize after the publication of the first two volumes of the book. Also in 1959 he was awarded the Lenin’sprize after the publication of four volumes of the book.

This exhibit has a unique legend and history associated with a resident of the Temirtau city. The book was donated to the museum by the Kolomeichenko family, who arrived in Samarkand in 1943 for the construction of the Kazakh Metallurgical Factory.The book was purchased in the store in the winter of 1946 for 16 rubles and 50 penny.

Residents and media representatives became the guests of this event.


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