14 March, 2019 museum team building «Stop frame» was held in a completely new form.

«Team building» means “to create a team” and is commonly used in corporate events. Museum team building is the complete rallying of the team intellectually and physically. The youth of the city gladly responded to participate in the first museum team building – «Stop frame!».

This event was aimed at children of the XXI century, for whom photographs with historical events are full of mystery. Participants tried to understand what was happening in the twentieth century, but this could be done in a team

Participants for the time passed six checkpoints in which they completed various tasks.

The first checkpoint represented a rope trap in which participants collected details of a museum exhibit of which they collected a mechanical meat grinder and demonstrated its work. By completing this task the next control point was accessed.

At the next checkpoint, the teams guessed riddles, and wrote down the answers with the help of a «special device» for team building. Having taken hold of the writing device the participants synchronously moved it and wrote out an answer on a piece of paper.

The control point had an ethnographic character but remained a team-building task. The teams wove giant whip. Some of the participants held the handle of the future whip and some wove from three-meter ribbons attached to their hands. After completing the task the teams moved to the next checkpoint located in the «History of the city» hall.

The task of the participants is to build a brick wall. The whole construction process was going on blindly. Participants traveled to the loading area, loaded building material into a stretcher, moved it to the construction area and built a wall under the voice commands.

At the next checkpoint, the teams collected the puzzle of the famous paintings - "Again the two" by F. Reshetnikov and "The merchant's for tea" by B. Kustodiev. The puzzle was folded using sticks with hooks on the end. Only this way it was possible to lay down the world masterpiece in museum teambuilding.

The following checkpoint set the task for the participants - to assemble a historical costume moving in a tracked tape.

6 digital symbols were in the backpack of the teams after passing all checkpoints. The participants restored the chain of events depicted in the photo returning to the start.

The approbation of the museum team building was successful.


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