18 March, 2019 an intellectual game "Museum’s  Ethnographic Auction" was held in the museum of Temirtau city to the Nauryz holiday.  Such  game form  was tested for the first time.

An auction involves bidding and buying. The participants were offered museum money. Each team received 100 museum’s money.

The game took place in several stages. At the first stage rare ethnographic objects - torsyk, men's belt stirrups, whip  were presented for intellectual crafts. They were in a black box. The team that paid more money has the right to win the lot and guess what is in the black box.

One of the stages was carried out according to the principle of the Mind Game. Participants were asked questions on the topics - "Craft", "Yurt", "Traditions", "Housewares". The question can be bought. The price of the issue depended on the complexity.

The guys showed their knowledge in the "National ornament" lot.

To participate in the game regular visitors were invited. They were students of the Miras College and students of the Polytechnic College. The game was exciting. And the guys showed good knowledge.

With a small margin won Mirasovtsy. They were awarded a diploma and each certificate for a 10% discount on the next visit to the museum.

Students of Miras college won with a small margin. They were awarded a diploma and certificate for a 10% discount on the next visit to the museum.


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