A new cognitive program «Museum New Year» has been launched on December 24, 2021. It will act until January 14.

Visitors were welcomed by the «Evening of New Year's Fun». Within an hour, the guests were able to plunge into the world of New Year's museum magic.

New interactive zones were specially prepared. The theme of each zone is a “gift bag”. They are located in different locations throughout all the halls of the museum space and make it possible not to be passive spectators.

  • Having written a cherished wish on a ribbon, and having climbed into a huge Bag of wishes, the guests left it there.
  • Having felt the Tactile Bags, they guessed what was hidden in them.
  • A Bag of predictions made it possible for everyone to know what awaits them in the next year.

There were interactive photo zones - Forest “Abstraction”, Photo-gift, New Year in the 50s, Santa Claus's sleigh, in which the guests reincarnated, changed their clothes and even were able to plunge into the past of the twentieth century.

The program of the evening included not boring museum fun and intellectual games:

  • Shop of museum items - where everyone guessed the museum exhibits - what it is and how it use;
  • The museum crocodile gave the guests the opportunity to show the museum items with their own gestures;
  • Those wishing to conquer their fears took the opportunity to look into the Tent of Museum Horrors;
  • Fight with bags - provided not only dexterity, but also memorization of a museum item in accordance with the color scheme;
  • A Heightometer - allowed to measure itself not in centimeters, but in bags.

Each visitor became a participant in the museum lottery, the drawing of which will take place on January 14 live on Instagram. And all the guests received a New Year's gift certificate with a discount for visiting the museum.


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