An open meeting of the analytical club “Deportation of the 30s-40s was held in the museum On February 28, 2022. “Conspiracy against the people”, timed to the Day of gratitude.

The participants got acquainted with the exposition, which was specially prepared. It clearly demonstrates that era and events. The tags attached to the bunks indicating the number of those deported gives an idea of the scale of the people’s number who, by the will of fate, ended up on Kazakhstan lands. These people were helped to survive by the Kazakhs, who themselves were in a difficult situation, but shared the last piece of bread and shelter.

The work was on the study of documents from the museum's funds in the main part of the meeting. Each participant was given folders with copies of these documents. They present the materials of people who lived and live in the city, who witnessed and participated in those events. According to their memoirs, written with their own hands, the participants learned about the assistance that was provided by the local residents to the deported peoples. And we read the words of gratitude for giving us the opportunity to survive, find our second motherland here and become full members of society.


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