The "Photo Album" exposition was opened online in honor of the 80th anniversary of Karaganda Hydro electro Station as part of the "Exhibit of the Month" project on October 14, 2022.

The museum funds contain album No. 1 of the KarHES photo laboratory, with which you can travel back to 1935 on the banks of the Nura River.

The photographs of the album show all the key construction projects of that year. Dam laying. Digging a pit for a coastal pumping station. Construction of a temporary power plant.

One of the most important tasks in the first years of the construction of KarHES was the laying of a railway to the Solonichki station. It started back in 1932. Worked all year round in any weather. In one of the photographs, you can see an unusual mechanism: a tractor with platforms placed on a railway track. Due to the lack of vehicles, there were problems with the delivery of rails and sleepers. Clever builders found a way out: they welded metal corners onto the wheels of an ordinary tractor and put it on rails.

Industrial facilities, school, houses were built. The village even has its own meteorological station.

Album No. 1 of the KarHES photo lab is a unique, priceless exhibit. The photographs on its pages tell not just about the construction of the power plant, but about the beginning of much more impressive events. After all, if KarHES had not been built, there would not have been a metallurgical plant. This means that the  Samarkand village would never have grown into the Temirtau city.

The opening of the exposition took place in social networks. The exposition will run for a month.


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