The "Unusual Material" exposition took place online at the museum of Temirtau city, as part of the "Exhibit of the Month" project on February 23, 2023 at 12.00.
The sculpture "Eureka" surprises with its soft, as if fluid forms and unusual texture, which clearly does not look like wood, gypsum or stone. The author of the work, Yadrintsev Leonard Timofeevich, used material so specific, so unusual.
Leonard Timofeevich was born in the Muzhi village, Yamalo-Nenets District on February 11, 1937., but a few years later his family moved to Kazakhstan.
In 1963 he graduated  the Alma-Ata Art College. Gogol (now the Almaty College of          

 Arts and Crafts named after Oral Tansykbaev), and moved to Dzhezkazgan city. He first works as a drawing teacher at a school, and then goes to work in the Dzhezkazgan art workshop, preferring sculpture. In the course of a creative search, Leonard Timofeevich discovers arzamit, a liquid polymer putty used in construction.
The talent of the sculptor did not go unnoticed. In 1971 Yadrintsev joined the Union of Artists of the USSR.
      And after 5 years he receives a new appointment: the position of the chief artist of Temirtau. Until 1982, Leonard Timofeevich was responsible for the work of the Temirtau art and production workshops and for the appearance of the city. And at the same time he finds an opportunity to work with a new material for himself - bronze.
Leonard Timofeevich Yadrintsev left this world in 2010. His legacy is not only a lot of magnificent sculptures, but the story of incredible finds that await us in the most unexpected places.


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