The opening of thematic exhibition "Art Out of Time" devoted to the Day of Gratitude from the funds of the Karaganda Regional Museum of Art took place on March 1, 2023.
It is held as part of the exhibitions exchange between museums in the region.
Thirty canvases and thirty different artists. All of them are united by one fact. By the will of fate, Kazakhstan became their second homeland. Everyone has his own path. Someone from the dispossessed family, like Pavel Andreyuk, some were deported on a national basis, as unreliable - Alexei Tsoi, and someone was convicted under an article as an enemy of the people and sent into exile - Sargis Sanosyan, Dmitry Krein. There are also those who moved to Kazakhstan in a certain period of time and stayed here forever. All of them found themselves and took place as artists. Many became members of the Union of Artists and worked fruitfully and continue to work for the benefit of the country's art.
The paintings presented at the exhibition date from different periods of time, starting from the mid-50s of the last century. These are colorful still lifes, industrial and natural landscapes, portraits, sketches for performances. In addition to painting, visitors saw watercolors, etching, linocut, autolithography, decoupage.


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