The opening of "1st ethnographic exhibit" exposition took place onlineas part of the "Exhibit of the Month" project on March 16, 2023.

 In the Kazakh tradition, jewelry is not just beautiful items, but powerful amulets. Jewelers - zergers were able to work with many metals: tin, bronze, copper, gold. But the most beloved and revered was silver. Its brilliance was associated with moonlight. The Kazakhs believed in the cleansing power of this metal.

That is why special symbolism surrounds the first ethnographic exhibit in the funds of the Temirtau Museum - a pair of silver bracelets from the middle of the 19th century. They were given to the museum by a resident of the city - Asanov Mukhamedzhan in 1975, along with some personal documents, photographs and several family relics.

 The Temirtau Museum was created with the idea of preserving the history of a very young city, which managed to achieve an unprecedented award - the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. Therefore, in the first years of its existence, the museum funds were replenished exclusively with exhibits relating to the history of the city and its inhabitants. The gift of the Asanov family marked the beginning of the ethnographic museum collection.

 In 1999, visitors to the museum were greeted by a new hall - the Hall of Ethnography. In just 3 years, the exposition was expanded thanks to the help of the ethno-cultural centers of Temirtau.

 The updated exposition received a new name - "The Hall of  Kazakhstan People’s unity". Today it helps museum guests to feel the originality of the culture of not only the Kazakh people, but also the numerous diasporas living in Temirtau. In one of its showcases, the first ethnographic exhibits donated to the museum - a pair of silver bracelets - found their place.

 The opening of the exposition took place in social networks. The exposition will run for a month.


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