The research project "Ethnographic Detailing" was implemented within the framework of the "Dastur Men Guryp" program on the occasion of Kazakhstan People’s Unity Day  on April 24,.

For the first time, the Temirtau Museum demonstrated national traditions in a new format.

At the first stage, we dismantled the already familiar collections of ethnographic costumes in detail. The project participants dressed in layers in national costumes: Kazakh, Russian, German, Ukrainian, Tatar, Korean.

Each costume has characteristic details, a special design. The guides shared the tricks of tailoring, jewelry, trimmings, bright colors, catchy decor and concise cut.

The traditional folk costume is a reflection of the centuries-old history and original culture of a particular people.

Stage II - analysis of the collection of musical instruments in detail. Here are the original exhibits from the fund of the Temirtau Museum: cymbals, dombra, balalaika, Tatar harmonica, mandolin. The sightseers moved from sound to subject.

Folk musical instruments are an integral part of the centuries-old spiritual and material culture of the people.

Stage III - analysis of the ingredients of national cuisine.

The participants prepared dishes, revealed the secrets of the national cuisine and looked for commonality in the traditions of various dishes.


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