The opening of exhibition “Art Fusion” of Kostanay city’s photo artists Ivan Marmalidi and Sergey Li took place on May 16, 2023,

These are absolutely two different authors in terms of style, technique and manner of performing works. That is why the exhibition is called "Art Fusion". It is characterized by a "combination of the incompatible."

Ivan Marmalidi is a professional photographer. Has been in photography for over 50 years. Reportage Master. He is equally good at working in all genres of photography - subject, portrait, landscape, still life. He has four solo exhibitions to his credit.

Sergey Li is a professional graphic artist. But in the early 2000s, he became interested in digital art. And he began to create his works in the style of Digtal art - works of art in digital form.

Temirtau audience was shown 56 works. Ivan Marmalidi presented a series of black-and-white and color photographs, the format of which cannot be considered within the framework of a standard photograph. These are baguetteless photographic canvases. Sergey Li has digital graphic works inscribed in a square shape. His works are a kind of philosophical reasoning, sometimes turning into capacious poster appeals.


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